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Margaret’s Village

7315 South Yale Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60621
Phone: 773.651.8372
Fax: 773.783.2673

Maria Shelter

7320 S. Yale Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60621
Phone: 773.994.5350
Fax: 773.994.3904


9519 S. Commercial Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60617
Phone: 773.374.7705
Fax: 773.374.7674

Vincennes Senior Center

7326 S. Yale Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
Phone:  773.483.6650


We need your help…

Donate Donate

You can help improve the lives of women, children and families in need by making a donation to Margaret’s Village.

Volunteer Volunteer

You can help with a donation of your time, too. Margaret’s Village needs volunteers for everything from carpentry to child care.

Wish List Wish List

Our growing, thriving communities need supplies, equipment, and more to keep them running.